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The Advantage of Investing in Tesla Stock

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In the future, people will ask their older relatives why they have not invested in Tesla Motors (TSLA) shares. They will say that when you have a new car company that has the best versatile car model S, according to Consumer Reports options of 2014, is all you need to know to invest in it. They built a better car than all the other companies that have been around for many decades.

In addition, it is an electric car in a world that is trying to become greener, because pollution is not good for anyone. But before proceeding, let's look at different methods of buying Tesla shares. First Warren Buffet says that you should only buy shares that you do not intend to sell unless something very strange happens. Investing in stocks has made him one of the richest people in the world. This method of buying shares is called investment.

The other method of buying shares is called trading. Some people love to gamble and the feeling of losing and winning money. People who like these will have more fun trading stocks. Some stocks will fall, while others will grow. Many retailers have bought shares in Amazon and Microsoft, but that hasn't enriched them. They sold and bought the shares and maybe earned some money or maybe lost some money.

Therefore, for people who trade shares, Tesla's shares may fall or rise in the coming months. First look at the CEO, Elon Musk. Before Robert Downey Jr. acted as Tony Stark, he interviewed Elon Musk to see what a true billionaire genius he is. He wanted to save the world. He decided that what we need to use is sustainable energy. He became CEO of SolarCity and Tesla Motors, which builds solar cells in buildings. His full-time job is not Tesla Motors. His full-time job is as a rocket scientist. He is Chief Technology Officer and CEO at SpaceX. 

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors

Investing in Tesla shares is what they will concentrate on in the coming years. They had just started delivering cars in China and Elon Musk did it personally. They also built charging stations around the world, where people can bring their cars and receive a free charge. These stations receive their electricity from the sun.

Tesla recently made another plant in California and they have one in Europe. As for future plans, they will build a huge giant factory to produce the batteries they use in their cars. It will work with solar cells and windmills. They will also get a factory in China so that they can manufacture them there and save an import tax for the Chinese.

לזמן מוגבל: קבל בחינם הדרכת וידאו מלאה שחושפת את אסטרטגיית המסחר שאחראית על 80% מכל הרווחים שלנו בשוק ההון

תלמד אסטרטגיות ייחודיות, טיפים וידע פרקטי שיעזור לך להפוך לסוחר נוסטרו מצליח בשוק ההון.

בונוס מיוחד: קבל בנוסף גם מדריך שיראה לך איך אפשר להרוויח בשוק ההון ללא הון עצמי ומבלי לסכן את החסכונות – במתנה (שווי של 179 ש"ח).

השאר פרטים בטופס ותועבר להדרכה מיד ובחינם!

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